For users in the Team or Multi-brand packages, as well as trialing users, videos can be uploaded to collections. Smartimage supports multiple video file types.

YouTube and Vimeo videos can also be embedded into collections in the Team and Multi-brand packages.

A monthly upload limit applies to videos. Video upload limits are:

  • 25 GB per month for the Team package

  • 100 GB per month for the Multi-brand package

  • 2 GB for trialing users

Uploaded videos cannot exceed 1 GB in size.

If a user in the Basic package uploads a video, they will receive message that states that videos cannot be uploaded at the subscription level, along with information about upgrading their account.

Videos can be downloaded only in their original format.

Tracking Video Uploads

Account owners can track the amount of storage used for videos each month on the Settings page under the user profile, which can be accessed by clicking your name in the header after you have logged in to the site. Storage amounts will re-set at the beginning of each calendar month.

Notification When Approaching and Exceeding the Video Upload Limit

Account owners will be notified by email when the video upload limit is approaching 75% of the limit, as well as when the video upload limit has been exceeded.

When the video upload limit has been exceeded, anyone trying to upload videos will be notified with the message stating, "We're sorry. This account has exceeded the video upload allotment for the month." Account owners will see the same message, along with a message to upgrade the account to continue uploading videos. Videos cannot be uploaded for the remainder of the month unless the account is upgraded.