Visitor uploading allows anyone to upload files to a collection you've created and gives your team greater flexibility in how content is added to your account. Use visitor uploads for things like:

  • Collecting user-generated content: Encourage happy customers to share their experiences with your product or service.

  • Collecting and sharing event photos: Provide a link to a collection for all attendees to upload their photos of the event.

  • One-time contributors: If you need someone to upload files once, share an expirable collection link, and that person can upload files without creating a login.

  • Freelancers or agencies: Have a collection for them to add files to without giving them access to your entire account.

By default, visitor uploading is turned off for each collection. You can enable it within a collection, then share the collection with specific people via a unique link or email or, to reach a larger audience, by embedding it into a web page or sharing it to social media.

Enable Visitor Uploads

Share the Collection

Once visitors have access to a collection, they can upload files by dragging and dropping them into the collection or clicking Upload Files. Any metadata attached to the files will be auto-mapped into Smartimage, so visitors won’t need to add it. They can also delete any files they upload.

To determine the files that were uploaded by visitors to a collection, admins should select the upload type (admin or visitor) under Filters from within a collection.