In addition to uploading files to Smartimage by selecting files or by dragging and dropping them into the upload area, you can also upload files from your linked Dropbox account. Single files, batches of files and folders of files can be uploaded from Dropbox to Smartimage. The accounts must be linked in order to the upload files or to download and share them.

Delegating Admins to Upload

Admins can delegate other admins to upload files from their Dropbox accounts to Smartimage. Delegated admins can authorize the link to Dropbox from each Smartimage account they admin on the Integrations page in Smartimage.

In addition, one Dropbox account can be linked to multiple Smartimage accounts. A separate folder for each Smartimage account will be included in Dropbox. The name of the folder will indicate the name of the Smartimage account.

Uploading From Dropbox

Files can be uploaded from Dropbox to Smartimage from a Smartimage folder in Dropbox.

You can drag and drop files into the Smartimage folder in Dropbox and files will be automatically uploaded to All Files in Smartimage and deleted from the Dropbox folder. From All Files, files can be individually added to a collection by clicking the pencil icon to edit the file and selecting the collection the file should be added to or filtered by Dropbox upload, then added in a batch to an existing collection or to a new collection.

Files that are uploaded via Dropbox will be indicated as such so they are differentiated from other files in Smartimage.

Restrictions, including storage limits, video uploads and supported and unsupported file types, apply to files uploaded via Dropbox.

Upload Errors

If uploads to Smartimage from Dropbox fail, you may receive one of the following errors, along with a list of failed files:

  • Exceeding storage limit for your plan

  • Exceeding the monthly video allotment for your plan

  • Trying to upload videos when in the Basic plan

  • Unsupported file format

  • Unknown errors

Failed files will remain in your Dropbox folder and will not be uploaded to Smartimage.

The error and list of failed files will display in a TXT file and will describe the error in more detail.