Collections can be created from your Smartimage home page by clicking Create Collection or from All Files by clicking Upload Files > Create Collection under Batch Actions. Newly created collections will display on your Smartimage home page, along with your existing collections.

Step 1: Create a collection

From the home page, create a collection by entering a collection name and description, then choose who can access it. You can allow only admins, anyone with a link (public), or anyone with a password to access the collection. If you allow access to anyone with a password, you will be asked to set a password. The Create a Password field will only display if the password option is chosen.

You can also choose who can add files to the collection - admins only or anyone with access to the collection, including
visitors, either publicly or if they have a password.

Step 2: Add Files

New files can be uploaded to the collection by dragging and dropping them from your computer or by browsing. Access files already in Smartimage from the Add From All Files tab. There, you can search, filter, and sort to easily find previously uploaded files.

When uploading files, you can choose to import existing file descriptions and keywords as tags. If descriptions and keywords are imported, metadata will be extracted from each file’s description and keywords field and will appear as searchable descriptions and tags within Smartimage. Adding tags and file info, as well as adding files to sections, helps make your files easy for users to find. (You can also add file info and update sections after the collection has been created.)

Step 3: Add file info, tags

After adding files, add or update file titles, descriptions, and tags individually or in batch.

The percentage of files in the collection that have descriptions and tags displays when adding file info and tags. You can also select to only see files without descriptions or tags and add those details on a file-by-file basis or in a batch.

When adding tags to individual assets, small previews of each file display at the top of the page and a larger preview of the selected file displays on the right. Hover over the larger preview to see details — like the file size and upload date — about the file.

Adding file descriptions and tags to a batch of files ensures that there are some details about all the files in the collection attached to the files.

If you'd like to make updates to the description for a batch, click Add, Replace, or Clear. Add to existing text (Add), update all of the existing text (Replace), or delete the existing text (Clear).

Add Files to Existing Collections

From All Files, files that have been uploaded can be added to a collection individually or in a batch.

Add files individually by clicking the pencil icon for a file, then selecting the collection the file should be added to from the dropdown. You can update the sections the files are in at the same time, as well as add file info and tags.

Add files to a collection in a batch from All Files by selecting them, then editing under Batch Actions. Click Edit > Collection & Section, then select the collection you want to add to or create a new collection from the dropdown. Search, filter, and sort to find the files you need.

The same file(s) can be added to multiple collections. Simply select each collection you want to add the file(s) to from the dropdown.