A custom portal is an access point to a select number of collections. You choose the collections you want to share, and Smartimage will create a randomly generated URL extension (for example, widenexpeditions.smartimage.com/600bad4f) for you to share.

Like default portals, custom portals are not indexed by search engines. The randomly generated URL extension makes it virtually impossible for someone to access your content without having the URL shared with them.

To create a custom portal, select multiple collections, then choose Batch Actions > Create New Portal.

On the Create New Portal page, you can name the portal, choose an expiration date, add a description, choose who can view the portal and set a password for it, if needed.

While creating the portal link, you can set it to expire at a certain date or to never expire. If a portal link is password protected, visitors must enter the password to see the collections on the portal.


Expiration dates and passwords can also be added, edited, and deleted at any time on the Portal Links page.

Create the portal, and a link will display on the Success! page for you to preview and copy and share with others. The link will also be available on the Portal Links page.