Custom embed URLs automate the creation of images to allow for zooming, panning, and other image processing to make a copy of the digital master file. Smartimage provides a URL builder that allows you to edit the image orientation, image size, file format, quality, and scaling.

Custom embed URLs are included in the Team and Multi-brand packages and in certain Smartimage legacy plans.

Create Custom Embed URLs

Create a custom embed URL by clicking the Share icon for a public or private collection, then selecting Embed. The Create Custom Embed URL page will display. On that page, select the file format, width and height, zoom in and out on the image, and rotate or flip the image. You can also update the image quality. After those changes are made, click Create Link to save the URL. Copy the URL from the Success page and share it with others.

Manage Custom Embed URLs

Views and shares of custom embed URLs for files within a collection can be managed on the Analytics page. Click a collection's name to see embed shares and views, as well as other analytics data, then click the number of shares or views to see more details.