Files within public and private collections can be downloaded individually, the entire collection can be downloaded or, for private collections, a batch of files within the collection can be downloaded. Files can also be shared.

Up to 500 files at a time can be downloaded. When a large number of files are downloaded, you will be notified that Smartimage is working on packing the files you selected. Enter your email address and you will be notified by email when the download is complete.

A status bar indicates the progress of a download for a smaller group of files (up to 25 MG in size) will display during download. You can complete other tasks when downloading a smaller group of files, but do not close Smartimage until the download has completed.

When downloading larger groups of files (26 MB or more), after clicking Download or Download Collection, enter your email address and you will be notified by email when the download is available. The email will include a link to a ZIP file of the downloads and indicates how long the file will be available. If you remain in Smartimage while the file is downloading, you will see a message after the ZIP file has generated and the email has been sent. You can also log out of Smartimage while the download is occurring and you will be notified by email when the download is complete.

Downloading Individual Files

Individual files within a collection can be downloaded by clicking the Download button for the file and selecting the desired size. The sizes available for download are based on the size of the original file that was uploaded to Smartimage. For best results, upload the largest and highest quality version of the file.

Downloading a Collection

The download collection feature for public and private collections allows you to download a ZIP file of all files in a collection. To download all files, click Select All > Download Collection, then select the desired file size. Alternatively, you can also click the Download Collection button at the top and select the desired file size.

Downloading Files in a Batch

For private collections, you can choose multiple files in the collection to download in a batch, instead of downloading the entire collection or downloading individual files.

When two or more files within a collection are selected, the Batch Actions option displays. Click Download, select a file size, and the ZIP file will download.