Files within private collections can be shared individually or an entire private collection can be shared using custom, expirable links.

Collection links, descriptions, number of visits, and a collection's expiration date can be viewed from Manage > Collection Links. You can also delete a collection link from that page.

Sharing Individual Files

Individual files within private collections can be shared with others using a custom, expirable link. Within a collection, click the Share icon for the file you'd like to share, then click Link.

In the Share File panel, indicate an expiration date, if the receiver is allowed to download the file, and a file description, then create and share the link. The person who receives the file will be taken directly to it when they click the link. If you've chosen to allow downloads, the Downloads button displays.

Custom, expirable links can be managed under Manage > File Links.

Sharing a Private Collection

Private and password-protected collections can be shared without a password via an expirable link. Click the Share icon for a collection on the Smartimage home page, then click Link to choose an expiration date and create the link.