We currently offer integrations with Dropbox and with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The number of integrations available to you varies by your subscription level.

Linking Accounts

With our Dropbox, Facebook, and Twitter integrations, you will need to link your social media account(s) with your Smartimage account before files can be downloaded or shared to those accounts.

Accounts can be linked from the Integrations page and, for Facebook and Twitter, the first time you click Crop and Share when sharing files from a collection. When clicking Crop and Share, you will be prompted to log in to the account and will be walked through the integration before the file(s) is shared.

To link your Smartimage account to a social media account, click your name in the upper right of the Smartimage page > Integrations, then click to link the social media account(s) you want to share files to.

For Dropbox, you’ll be asked to sign in to your account to allow Smartimage to access the files and folders in your Dropbox. For Facebook, you will sign in and select the page (personal or business) to post files to. For Twitter, you'll need to authorize the Smartimage integration to use your Twitter account.

After your Dropbox and Smartimage accounts are linked, a Smartimage uploads folder with the account name will display in your Dropbox.

After your Facebook or Twitter and Smartimage accounts are linked, a notification on the Integrations page indicates the Facebook or Twitter account the Smartimage account is linked to.

The link between Smartimage and social media account can be removed at any time on the Integrations page. Smartimage will no longer access files in your social media account after the link is removed.